Adventures in Kubeland

I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling to keep track of all new tools and practices in the DevOps industry.
Last month I asked myself, how could I keep up to date with new things?

Enter Adventures in Kubeland!!

The idea is simple, explore Kubernetes and the CNCF landscape to get familiar with the various tools.
But why would I learn by myself when we could be learning together?

Starting today, I plan to stream at least once a week on twitch, exploring the Kubernetes ecosystem and share the videos on my YouTube channel a couple days later.

Someone told me they would prefer a pre-recorded version of the videos, but I believe that doing it live works better. I will not share a polish tutorial on how to use a tool, I’ll share with you all the mistakes and errors done during the process, and we will learn together.

Join me on, and let’s learn together.

You can see the first episode of the series below: