Chrome kwallet and xmonad

During the last month, after the umpteenth Plasma crash, I’m gradually switching to xmonad

The hardest part of the switch has for sure been changing my behaviour from floating to a tiling window system. But also missing my configurations and tools is becoming a problem.

In KDE I had kwallet to store my password and with a couple of click I had chrome configured to use it to store the password, how do I do the same on xmonad?

I’ve found out that chrome supports kwallet out of the box, you just need to use the --password-store=kwallet command line flag, but how do I tell chrome to always run with that flag?


On Archlinux the google-chrome package’s script contains the following lines:

> $ cat $(which google-chrome) 

# Allow users to override command-line options
if [[ -f ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf ]]; then
   CHROME_USER_FLAGS="$(cat ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf)"

# Launch
exec /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome $CHROME_USER_FLAGS "[email protected]"%   

as you can see, the script is loading the CHROME_USER_FLAG from the ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf file, so all we need to do is edit that file and add the following option in it:


At the next startup you will have chrome asking for kwallet config/password.